For your viewing enjoyment I present to you our random thoughts and activities. Many don't even make much sense to us - the authors. Estranged love? This is more of "a strange love."

- Monday - Monday, March 09, 2009

so today is monday and I am back at work. I am a complete mess, chewing gum and drinking water to keep the tears at bay. it's already starting out to be a GREAT morning. already had a little shame thrown at me because I have no pictures of my boobie baby on me...ahhh, gotta love thoughtless comments. I got here at 8am and have no computer, phone, or really anything that makes a desk. I can't say i'm bubbling over with joy and happiness here. I miss my daughter and my home. I don't know what God is trying to do through this but whatever it is it hurts and I feel like i'm breaking in two and there won't be much left of me when it's all said and done. I keep wondering why this punishment...what did I do? what have I not repented for? if my sins are as far as the east is from the west why does my husband not have a job and I am at work ft and only able to see my daughter from 630 - 7am. thanks God. I keep telling my soul to rejoice... no dice. I get a little better - then I lose it.


- Long time no see... or hear.... - Sunday, January 21, 2007

So.... what's been going on with the N's since we last departed? Well...I'm now working in the Finance department at the church, got a little raise (comeo n Jesus), dear A got a raise... I am now covered under his health insurance...WOOHOO!!! FREE MEDS FOR ALL!!! Well, not exactly free.. We've started the ball rolling on purchasing our 1st home... and I'll be making a preconception check-up appointment.

Man... that's a lot.


- Me - Friday, August 04, 2006


I'm fat.

And that makes me sad, really sad. I have always worked in high pressure, high intensity, always on the go jobs. Now that I'm married and not getting a workout within my job I have balloned. I don't like my weight.... and I would be very pleased to be 30 pounds lighter.

But you know what's really holding me back? Me. I feel like I'm so far gone that there's no hope for me. I took this weight loss survey on The Nest and one of the options was "No, it would take too much to compensate for my eating habits."

That's me... what happened? My clothes don't fit, and I just don't like my body right now. And that sucks. I want to work out - but as soon as I get the inclination something inside of me says "you're too far gone." And yes, if 600 pound women can drop down to 120 pounds I should be able to drop 30 measly pounds, right??

Wrong... that self-image thing is really a beast to try and overcome. And yes, we're all made in the image of God, and we're made exactly like He wants us... but aren't we also supposed to treat our bodies as the temple of the Holy Spirit.. or am I getting all theological over here?

Oh well.... back to my yougurt and grapenuts. I just hope I don't decide to eat a few oreos afterwards.


- Argh... -

You know what??? I wrote this nice, long, detailed entry... went to hit post and Blogger says it's having technical difficulties... well I ain't writing it again, at least not right now.

That really burns me... argh!!!


- Pooped - Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Man, traveling one week only to return and move the next weekend while still suffering stomach pangs is serious business - what ever was I thinking when we planned this? I am ill, and working towards full recovery in regards to my stomach and my head cold. So I may be out a little bit longer...

hugs and kisses


- Should have known... - Thursday, June 22, 2006

So as you know, or may not know, I can't hear out of my right ear. It causes a lot of pressure to build up in my head, and it hurts. Well yesterday my dear husband FORCED me to finally go to the doctor. I mean, every other issue I've had has cleared up and been okay - why not this one also.... but nooooo, had to go see Doctor Jake.

He was very nice, and didn't speak that highly non-understandable language known across the world as "doctor speak." He was nice, and he made us laugh. Something interesting - I found out I'm shorter than I thought, and also fatter than I thought. So everyone who says they're 5'6 - you're really like 5'4 - because I'm 5'2... I'm still taller than Prince (5'), but not Lenny Kravitz - (5'4) HAHA!!

Okay - so Doctor Jake is looking in my ears and asks "how often do you clean your ears?" Well, any self respecting woman who's mother is a hypochondriac knows that answer, I said "several times a week." (What?? I'm a bit paranoid ever since the whole potatoes in the ears thing- even though I know it's not possible... or is it) So he looks in my ears and says - we've got a little wax in there - GROSS!!!! ACK!!! YUCK! But then he sits down and tells me to stop using q-tips, and don't put anything in my ear except a wet washcloth that's wrapped around my finger because the cotton is forming a film on my eardrum - HUH??

Regardless - that's not the cause of my hearing loss. I've got water in my middle ear, and now I'm on antibiotics - joy.

So my question for everyone is this - why don't they tell you this stuff in all those numerous health courses you have to take throughout your undergraduate education? This would definitely put a damper on Johnson & Johnson's profits.

Public service announcement - "Q-tips SUCK!!!"


- Argh - Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Swimmers ear really sucks.... still can't hear... miserable...


- A case of the Mondays - Monday, June 19, 2006

You know what I'm talking about. It's Monday and you find yourself asking "where in God's name did the weekend go." Let's see if we can provide a brief recap for you.

Friday - moved our dear friend KJ. Move supposed to start at 2pm, movers became instantly bootleg and contracted the work out, then the contracted company became even more bootleg when it was evident that 2 women both under 5'4" could outlift 2 6' plus moving men. What's wrong with this picture?? Move ended at midnight with prayer - for both the apartment, it's new residents, and our knees.

Saturday - empty out previously jam packed living room and make way for our new roommate Curry who finds our daily happenings to be wonderful comic routine fodder - kidding. People don't believe we really live this way until they have the opportunity to live with us. Knees are hurting like I'm an old lady, and hands aren't working. Woke up at 8 - didn't eat "breakfast" until 3:30 (translation; a piece of white bread with a little jam on it). So now I'm sick - head hurts, ears hurt, body is BROKE down...and I STILL have to go pick up my prescription and some painkillers for the intense firey pain in my calve muscles.

Sunday - attend church in order to be prayed over by entire congregation before we leave Saturday for Managua. Leave church to return home and figure out what the day entails. KJ comes over, Curry falls asleep within 5 minutes of hitting the couch. Pool attendance is in order on such a wonderfully marvelous Sunday. D of DNA learns to swim - after almost 30 years it has finally been accomplished... even got the shoulder shimmy backward swim that A of DNA patented under my belt a little. Wonderful day ends in painful right ear deafness from all the frolicking. Grocery store then visited for nourishment... return home, eat, then sleep.

Monday - still can't hear out of ear and misery is quickly setting in. This sucks so hard I can't even explain it. I'm a little nasaly and now I can't hear.

This is what happens when you try to make up for all the years you weren't able to go to the pool as a child in one day. Oh well - I still had a good time.


- Me... - Friday, June 16, 2006

I spoke last week at Fusion - our young adult service. For those in the know, and also not in the know... plus, I need a way to archive it.


- Friday - Red -

In honor of color week... and computer free Fridays.
Enjoy your lovely Friday, and try to enjoy yourselves
this weekend.


- Reality - Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Reality check.... how close have you been to this. At first my flesh was trying to get me out there - but the voice of God and my husband stopped me. This is not the blessing we're looking for - not at all. These belong to one of our neighbors - some people we really liked, and who were very, very nice. We went out to talk to them to offer them somewhere to house their things until they got transportation together.

It is so sad - the wife is crying, and my heart is breaking for them. I have been here - a few times in my life actually. This is why I am so happy to be apart of the family of God - because you know who is your rock and who will always provide... even through something has heartbreaking as this. I am currently trying to keep an eye out for them so noone will run off with their belongings. The wife is sitting there with the stuff - though we've offered her our home if they need somewhere to go. Reality... makes you take stock of who you live for and what is really everlasting.


- One day this will be apart of our full time jobs -

One of these days, really soon I'm praying (come on debt-free day), golfing and driving fantastic little golf carts will be included within the job requirements of being a stay at home WIFE - wife... no kids yet.

Here's a conversation that happened Tuesday afternoon.

My dear mom: I am so happy you all are moving, you'll really be able to save alot for a house or a baby, or both.

My father: BABY!!! THERE'S A BABY!! (he runs into the living room where my mother is with eyes as big as saucers).

My mom: NO! No baby - go sit down. They are not pregnant - go sit down somewhere.

My father: But I want a baby!

My mom: Of course you do - you can give it back when you don't want to play anymore. Give them some time - maybe next year you'll have a baby.

Isn't it cute how our parents are already claiming Nicholas and Elise for themselves. Grandparents - the best job ever. You get to give them candy, play all day long, and not have to change diapers or wake up in the middle of the night for the numerous feedings.


- Progress -

Progress is definitely being made in the arena now know as the "Move of 2006." We pretty much have the entire living room packed up excluding the vast numbers of books we own (we actuallyl unearthed quite a few more books while clearing out the storage closet). Our living room has now become a military obstacle course with exactly a 12 inch clearance to pass from one part of the hosue into the other. And dont' even think about trying to manuever the terrain at night - you're liable to come up with quite a nasty flesh wound. We have boxes on top of boxes on top of boxes over here - it's sheer madness. But it's so nice to be making progress. Ahhh...

We leave for Nicaragua in just a few short days - bliss, that's the only thing I can say right now. I'm so ready to get the heck out of this country it makes no sense. Yes, it's hot down there, and yes the bugs are aggressive (as in, they hold on to your sandwich whilst you vigorously shake it to death), and yes, the hotel is just so-so.... but what an amazing time it is. Nothing like getting hot, funky, and bug eaten to bring a people together. It's going to be a good time.

For the numerous people interested in the things we MUST bring to the church by next Wednesday or Thursday (not exactly sure which day yet), here is "the list" per person
- 2 bottles shampoo
- 2 bottles conditioner
- 4 bars soap
- 2 deoderants (one male, one female)
- 2 tubes toothpaste
- 2 adult toothbrushes
- 2 children's toothbrushes
- 2 hair brushes
- 2 combs
- 1 bottle lice shampoo (we take extras b/c we use so much while there)
- hair ornaments for the itty bitty's
- 1 box gallon size zip lock bags

We all the listed items in individual care packages that the pastors pass out to the villagers. So taking this stuff is HIGHLY important. Most of the villagers can't afford these items that we see as basic - so this truly blesses them. We plan to take photos of our friends and supporters with us this year. The children down there love looking at photos, whether it be of them or someone we love dearly.


- Your call can not be completed at this time... - Monday, June 12, 2006

So you may be one of the many people who attempted to reach the N's during the days of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Well, we were around but we decided to take a break from the rest of the world and cocoon in our house all weekend with our little fat dog. Many of you recall our honeymoon fiasco - or better yet, the fiasco known as the days following our lovely wedding (for those not in the know - I'll post about it eventually just so our kids will have something to laugh about). So we decided - hey, let's have a honeymoon weekend.

On Friday we spent most of the day at the pool. Then we stayed up all night laughing while watching Seinfeld and eating ice cream sundaes - fantastic.

And then Saturday happened. I say "happened" for a reason. Our living room is packed up - that's why NOONE is allowed to come over. Our house looks soooo barren right now, brings a little tear to my eye actually. The dog has nowhere to hide now because our living room looks like a stinkin' storage unit.

And then our Sunday happened. We woke up, had breakfast, spent a few hours in downtown Norcross, then we headed to Barnes and Noble, and then back to the house to bbq hamburgers and swim in the pool some more. I haven't swam this much - ever. I mean, I was not one of those children who spent their summers at the pool. Our HOA charged $200 a summer for the key - and if you've met my parents you can probably imagine what my dad said to that notion.

But anyway - there you have it, our weekend wrap-up. How was yours? We definately had a chance to make up for all those Sabbaths we've not been taking - ya know? The picture you see is an aerial shot of Goza Shirahama beach in Japan - we'll be there in a few years, but we'll have itty bitty's in tow.


- Someone will pay for this grave oversight - Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Um - why wasn't I made aware of this? Who are the people in the know, and WHY for heavens sake am I not one of them??? Free Krispy Kreme - are you kidding me, I mean seriously!!! Why wasn't this on the front of FOXNews or something?!?!?!


- If you only knew the half... -

Casa de la 'N' hasn't really been off the chain like it normally is. We're preparing to leave for Nicaragua - well mentally preparing that is. Haven't really started packing, or even bought the items we need for the care packages. I mean, I have yet to take te suitcases down from the far reaches of that junkie galaxy known as our bedroom closet. But it'll all come together, just like it did last year. Last year we were to be at the church by 4am - at midnight our dear friend KJ was doing my hair... talk about last minute touch up.

Last night we were doing our requisite every 15 day grocery store trip (I know we're off by 6 days - details, details) and we heard a familiar voice a few aisle overs. Mind you - this was not one of those voices that soothes your tired ears, that brings comfort to your weary bones.... you know this voice. You know that person that you just can't stand (for lack of a better word)? That person who you only talk to because as a Christian you can't rightfully just write people off completely? We have one of these people.... their voice makes our skin crawl, their laugh makes our brains bleed. Simply seeing them from far away immediately turns into a fight or flee situation. There's no bad blood here, but you just don't "click" with everyone - ya know?

This person was in the store last night, and as we were perusing through the apples we looked up because we heard "the laugh." We looked at one another, and said "no sudden movements, just head to aisle 5." So we did, thinking we were safe from the possibility of an uncomfortable, fake smile converation. No dice..... We start to head down aisle 6 and BAM, we see them there 10 feet in front of us. I fell silent and backed up as quickly as one can in slippery flipflops, while my dear husband had no such luck. This was one of those "I don't have to be faster than the monster chasing us, I just have to be faster than you" situations. He was pumping his legs trying to back up to no avail. His flipflops were just sliding all over the place, and the buggie was heavy so it was stationary... oh the horror. I had to reach in and grab a corner and we ran - I honestly mean we ran to the pharmacy and hid out for a while until the coast is clear. So what did we do last night? We put A's Marine Corp expertise into use and did reconnaissance work in Kroger for 3 hours. If I had known that I would have worn my combat boots and fatigues.


- And now the blessing - Monday, June 05, 2006

So as you have read before - we are having moving drama. Or I should rather say we were having moving drama. God has such a sense of humor. I mean, I knew something had to come out of all this nonsense we were going through. And it's not like it was major, major drama - but none the less it still sucks when you're going through all that crap.

The apartment has agreed to give us a storage unit to house all our moving boxes, and the furniture that will be living in our 2 bedroom apartment. Mind you, we weren't able to afford a moving van - but God has now blessed us with one. So how cool is that?? Pretty stinkin cool if you ask me.


- The Marathon Blues - Sunday, June 04, 2006

I don't feel very good - actually I haven't felt well all weekend. Which is probably why I'm glad the weekend is almost over. Meetings, meetings, and more meetings. Our weekend isn't actually even a weekend - Friday afternoon is our weekend, because Saturday and Sunday are so busy. Which really does suck sometimes - but I havwe to put my own selfish desires to the side sometimes. And I don't want to complain - but come on, where's the weekend really at?

I sometimes see those people who have 2 days to do whatever they want - every week, I mean I was one of those people at one point in my life. But God has placed me on the fast track.... and I've been running this race ever since. It's an amazing journey, I never would have ever imagined my life would have taken this turn. But I'm just saying a nice little water break would be nice once in a a nice water break on a beach, beneath a brightly colored umbrella while sipping a mango smoothie and eating plantains and jerk chicken with caribbean music playing in the background. That's my kind of water break.


- The moving drama - that only could happen to us - Friday, June 02, 2006

So as I stated previously, we are in the process of packing up our one bedroom apartment which probably has a 2-bedroom apartment stuffed into it. So here we are, trucking along - emptying out the storage closet, giving away clothes we no longer wear, shredding old paperwork when WHAM everything hits the fan.
Our wonderful leasing office here at our lovely apartment complex calls to tell us they have something serious they need to talk to us about. Apparently the gentleman who currently occupies our future apartment is not ready to pack, and has been playing "hard ball" trying to get a lower rent rate - now he's decided he wants to stay in the apartment. And they don't want him to move because he's been such a long time resident.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!! Okay - if you're not in the mood to hear me rant and rave, it's probably best for you to visit something cute, cuddly, and sweet because I'm about to get real angry black woman on here.
So the ONLY resolve the apartment complex can offer us is another unit. Mind you, we were moving close enough and chose this specific unit because we wouldn't have to get a moving truck - the budget just wasn't having it since we'll be leaving the country in 3 weeks... ya know? So why don't we just take another unit, you may ask.
1) One unit is facing the playground - yes, the playground - where Bebe's kids have free run of the place... and our dear sweet dog doesn't like men, boys, males - whatever (excluding Wee Man - he's her playmate).
2) The other 2 units are a possibility - BUT, you know how every complex has that one building where the young adults hang out in the breezeway flirting, drinking, smoking, whatever? Well - they're both located in this particular building.... when we leave the complex we're constantly trying not to run over one of their bad behinds.

And the real nail in the coffin.... my dear husband decided he wanted to talk to this gentleman who "suddenly decided not to move 1 day before he's scheduled to move out" (as stated by our leasing agent). Well he walked Bali this morning, and knocked on ol' boys door (only A would have the cohones to do something like this). Come to find out - this man had already renewed his lease and had no intention of moving, didn't even know all of this was going on. A said his apartment looked lived in, nothing packed, nothing even remotely suggested this man was going to be moving anytime in the near future. He said he signed something a while back, but was still in the process of trying to buy a home. His mother lives with him and fell ill and had to be rushed to the ICU, so he could no longer afford the home, but the apartment complex said it was okay and he wouldn't have to leave. He thought A was the exterminator - who calls an exterminator if they're moving out you may ask - NO ONE!!

So here we are.... someone is lying in this whole thing. Either this man is a pathological liar, or straight up crazy - or our apartment complex is trying to cover up a botched job by one of their leasing agents. Either way - I feel like crap... let's be honest. I know God is doing something through this, but this is AWFUL!!! We have no where to live as of this very second, and we can't afford a moving truck, and to top it all off, we're being lied to left and right.....God is so going to use this, but I'm still going through sleepless nights, stomach pangs, and headaches.


- Moving - Part 1 - Tuesday, May 30, 2006

If you cam ein search of amusement and humor - you probably should leave now. We are in the process of moving, so there is definitely no joy here. June 16th is the official date... therefore I have 16/17 days as of this very second. I have a small household worth of stuff to start packing away... and I'm doing things a little differently this time around. All small decorative items shall be packed away first - why is it that the little things always take the longest amount of time. I mean, you can move a bed with a few well planned, precisely placed movements. But try emptying that knick knack shelf at the end, and it takes FOREVER!!!

So with that said, wish us luck. And let the countdown begin.


- Craptastic Thursday - Thursday, May 25, 2006

So we're moving... yes ladies and gentlemen we're moving all the way across the parking lot into a 2 bedroom apartment. When I say across the parking lot - I mean we can see our current apartment's patio from our soon to be new living room. But ack!! I HATE moving. If I were independantly wealthy I would so hire a moving company, oh well.

It's a mix of funk and jazz; we like to call it junk - from the beloved "Robots." What is it about moving that makes you really take an inventory of all the crap you've got? I mean - we just moved in here a year ago and all this stuff was deadly necessary... there was just no parting with it. Now for some reason unbeknownst to me I want to chuck this stuff so far down the garbage compactor it makes no sense.

There are those questions out there that mankind has yet to figure out and come up with an answer for.
1) Why do hotdogs come in 10, yet hotdog buns come in packs of 8?
2) Are "graham crackers" crackers, or cookies? Or are they really biscuits?
3) Why is my stuff "stuff," but someone else's stuff is "crap?"

If you can answer these, you're better off than me - I can still barely get the microwave to hit that delicate balance between popped popcorn and burnt crap. But really - what have you been dragging around from house to house, move to move, that you know without a shadow of a doubt you haven't used in the last 18 months but just can't seem to part with? I really think that's why storage units were invented. Here - store all that craptasticness in a nice little home - because God forbid you actually use that leopard print end table with the mirrored top - meow!

So in honor of Craptastic Thursday, I reveal to you just a small piece of my own personal crap stash. This first pic is a classic "No baby, don't throw that away - we may actually need it one day." Can you see that circle in the clear box - I've had it 3 years now. WHY??? The CD has been long gone, it's about time to part with it. And another little note - why do people who live in an apartment complex have a butt load of tiki torches? I mean, I know their original intended purpose - but that time has since passed on...

Maybe I just have a heart for wayward, no longer loved or needed stuff. Prime example - we've had this printer on our patio for a year now. But I truly believe in my heart I, me, the woman who can't get the microwave to work correctly, to be the one who can bring life back to this poor defenseless little printer... poor baby. Even though it leaks black ink EVERYWHERE, I still have a soft place in my heart from it.

Have an awesome Craptastic Thursday everyone.


- Wednesday - the true hump day - Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Hump day... remember when that used to make you giggle and you'd be so embaressed when your parents would say it? Or was that just me? I mean come on, I still giggle a little. Anyway, A & I were talking last night about a few of our fondest childhood memories.

As a child I had a penchant for running into my grandmother's wooden furniture - head first. This explains the numerous emergency room visits, and the stitches imprint over my right eye (bet you didn't even notice). Well lo and behold my dear husband - who told me as a baby, yes a baby, he was tottering around his mothers living room... wide open spaces... and fell lip first into the corner of the black wooden table. So he has this lovely little boo-boo from his earlier years.

Then we were talking about our childhood beds. Many of my fondest shin scars come from the corners of my bed - yes, those metal bed corners that lived to scar the skin of many a child. Mine got so bad that my mother eventually wrapped the ends with duct tape.

A's childhood memories include but aren't limited to crabs being in his room, the largest spider you've ever seen clinging to his ceiling, and of course the random gator sighting - he's from Florida afterall...

All this leads me to wonder, if with every generation things are to become safer - what in heaven's name were beds and furniture made out of in the 60's and the 50's? Shrapnel? Broken glass? The bubonic plague? I'm surprised we even made it out of our childhoods during the 70's & 80's...check this list out and see for yourself.


- We clean up nicely - Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Thanks to our amazingly gifted photog friend - the N's actually look like they have some sense. I swear - the man is gifted! It was hot, we were sweating, and yet we still look so cool - and I mean cool as in got it together, not that we're mindless of anything, we're just a bit on the nerdy side the two of us, and we fully embrace that. If you'd like our photographer's number, I am MORE than happy to pass it on. He shot our wedding, and the pictures were breahtaking - now if only I could get them printed out and into frames.. one step at a time though, don't want to over exerate myself - HAHA!

Aren't these amazing shots! A & I were laughing because had we actually done our hair and had I had on a little make-up these shots would be People magazine worthy - not that they aren't now, the models just needed showers - HAHA!!!! As my husbands favorite ninja says, that's Saget worthy.

So about our weekend, we got 2 (yes 2) free couches. They were both in good shape - nice lines, and really comfy. We gave one away, & plan to re-upholster the other. Someone asked us recently how and why we're acquiring so much furniture (mind you, it's all been free or from Goodwill for under $10)...well each of us has given away 3 apartment's worth of furniture and belongings. That makes a combined 6 collections of household goods - and now I think God is sowing back into us and helping us to prepare for the family we will one day have. I mean come on - we can't sit on milk crates and Christmas popcorn tins forever. And God forbid we have more than 4 people in our house at one time - someone would have to share the floor with the Bali.

To all you lurkers out there - what do you think of the pics? I know you're out there....


- Now we have proof... - Friday, May 19, 2006

Too many times things happen to DNA (D is me, A is my wonderful husband, and N stands for our last name - this was our wedding monogram also) that noone ever believes. Well this blog is about to be proof that the strange and odd do happen to us.

So yesterday A and I were preparing to make a foray to the grocery store. We had the ipaq loaded with the grocery list, coupons, sales paper, and comfy shoes. As any self respecting pet owner knows, one must "water" their dog before they leave the domicile. See cutie patootie (?) picture of dog to the left (my furbaby Bali). She is a Jack Russell Terrier (or terrorist as some of our friends like to call their Jack) and by nature she's a ratter - meaning she was bred to hunt out little vermin, hence the name "ratter." This is a pic of her on our loveseat, trying her hardest to figure out where the camera flash is coming from - remember, she's a ratter so lights look like eyes to her (I know, I know, you don't even have to tell me).

So after "watering" our Bali, we came back into the house to get all the neccessities. A was in the bedroom and I was opening the patio door so the dog could go outside. As my dear little girl was
walking out, a visitor was sneaking into the house - see photo to the right.

Yes ladies and gents - a baby possum. He was soo cute, but on the for real for real he had to get up out of our house with a quickness. Our dog caught the scent, and immediately had to be quarantined to the bedroom (this for sure didn't make for a happy Bali you can certainly imagine). I'm screaming in the living room almost hyperventilating, and my husband is on the phone with the leasing office telling them we need a game warden, animal control, the alligator hunter - just send somebody. Well needless to say, this little guy couldn't handle the noise going on in the house and quickly snuck right back out the door into the bushes.

One of our friends said God sends us these kinds of situations because He needs a good laugh - well yesterday He was for sure laughing His butt off - my God has a sense of humor.. does yours? This one goes down in the books aptly named "The Possum Battle of '06."


- The first of many... - Thursday, May 18, 2006

So this is officially my first post - I feel like such a nerd. Digital camera - check, blog - check, insatiable desire to stop reading about other people's lives and start chronicling my own? Priceless.

My own life is pretty interesting - probably stranger than fiction is a more accurate description. That is why this place is called "estranged love." The wiki definition of estranged is as follows;

Estranged -one who formerly was close, who now has (or does) little in common with their former relatives or friends

If that's not right on the money!!! God came into our lives, and we've never been the same. So that "little in common with former friends" couldn't ring more true in our lives. We still have a few of those "friends" but they have simply become those people we speak to around Christmas.
So there you have it - our first post. Enjoy.

Look what I found while thrifting yesterday